LDV UK & Ireland

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway and sales of EVs are accelerating at a significant rate with an estimated 5 million on the world’s roads today.

China is the undisputed trailblazer in this category, leading the charge in both low and zero emission vehicles. SAIC, the largest automotive company in China is the name behind LDV, which is revolutionising the market with its EV range that was launched with the highly-regarded EV80, the perfect city or short to medium journey vehicle, boasting a 120 mile range on a single charge.

LDV’s EV80 is fast becoming the van of choice for environmentally-conscious drivers and business owners. With a range of variants to choose from, including panel van, chassis cab and crew, the zero-emissions range is an affordable and competitive choice for fleet owners looking to increase their green credentials while benefitting from the van’s impressive spec.

The high spec includes an advanced pure electric power system providing a highly efficient, stable power supply and an EPB system that is not only convenient, but reliable. From the electronic Park Brake assist system with a helpful vehicle hill start facility to the digital intelligent CVT that switches across three power modes, the EV80 delivers a reliable and smooth driving experience with zero emissions guaranteeing greener motoring with a superior performance.

LDV is supporting business owners who want to make the big switch with a brilliant six-year finance offer that allows more fleet drivers to update and trade-in their current vehicles. The vehicles are also part of the Go Ultra Low grant scheme, a government initiative to encourage drivers to switch to low emissions vehicles, and business owners can can take advantage of an £8,000 grant towards a brand new EV80 van or Chassis cab to start enjoying the benefits of greener driving right now.

SAIC and LDV are firmly focused on the future and to help future proof your drive check out your local LDV dealer or visit www.myldv.co.uk